Facials at LM Beauty

We have a range of facial treatments on offer.


Made in the USA, CosMedix is an advanced skin treatment system that effectively encourages the skin to repair itself. It is clinically proven to repair the skin, restore normal function while also offering long term increases in collagen and elastin density, and is suitable for both men and women. CosMedix use the purest ingredients and are “Chirally Correct,” meaning its ingredients are chosen to work in harmony with skin cell structures. The active ingredients in CosMedix are uniquely suited to resolving skin issues such as Rosacea, sensitivity and dryness. Derived from plants, CosMedix formulations are free from artificial fragrances, preservatives and irritants.

Some of the treatments on offer include:

Signature Medi Eye Treatment 30 minutes: £35.00
Signature Express Medi Facial 30 minutes: £47.50
Signature Deluxe Medi Facial & 7- point skin Analysis 60 minutes: £85.00
Blueberry Smoothie Infusion Peel 60 minutes: £75.00
Pomegranate Infusion Peel 60 minutes: £75.00

LM Beauty Exclusive Facials

Look Magnificent Facial 75 minutes: £225.00
Blueberry Boost Facial 75 minutes: £180.00

Celluma Advanced LED Therapy

Celluma is a Multi Award winning technology. Made in the USA, FDA-Approved to treat a range of musculoskeletal and skin conditions including wrinkles and acne. The Celluma LED admits a low-level light therapy that produces a natural photobiochemical reaction similar to photosynthesis. It has a wide range of beneficial applications and is used across many medical fields. It can be used on the entire body and treats skin, muscle, joint and pain conditions. LED therapy can be used in conjunction with Facials, Peels, Microneedling, Dermaplaning or as an addition to Massage, Hand and Feet treatments. The results obtained when following your therapist’s treatment plan advice are outstanding.

LED Facial Therapy Add on 30 mins £30.00
LED Body Therapy Add on 30 mins £30.00